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A Little More About Adiken

Founded in 2005 AdikensSpot.com is a place where new businesses and/or current businesses can go to receive a huge variety of services. From web page development, graphic design, marketing, PR, branding, social media, advertising, event planning, fundraising, and much more.

Founder and CEO Luke Shawver of Adiken’s Spot found a passion in business. Starting from website coding and graphic design, sparked a passion for empowering business development. The successful relationship with local business evolved Adiken’s Spot to a wide verity of businesses relationships from restaurants, non-profits, technology companies and universities. We have been apart of hundreds of companies building partnerships that are proven to facilitate their success. Our team has the disciplines of marketing, technology and public relations continue to evolve in today’s dynamic economy.

Our philosophy is not what we have necessarily done in the past, but what we can achieve for our customers success in the future.

WhatWe Do

From government agencies to universities, large and small businesses trust Adiken's Spot for their marketing and media. Beyond digital graphic work we create designs for print as well as merchandise. Your brand is important to us, let us design a project to elevate your business. We cohesively brand and design assets your company needs to thrive.

Public Relations




Content Creation90

Client Satisfaction100

Our Dedicated Team

Luke Shawver
President and CEO
With a passion for code and technology, the love of design had to follow. Ambition got us here, but knowing success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do.
Yvonne Rodriguez
Marketing Manager
Knowing the demographic is one aspect, but captivating them is another. Yvonne has established relationships beyond business. A personal touch with proven metrics.
Jake Carrizosa
Graphic Designer
Graphic design is a rough scetch of a persons ideas that needs to be brought to reality. Listening to an idea and branding a concept is a passion. Lets design the future.
Alysee Trzeciak
Event Cordinator
My communication, attention to detail and implimentation are all a must untill success. The job is not done untill our customers are 100% enthrilled with our work and always choose us for all future event planning.
Olivia Barton
Brand Manager
Olivia has his masters and is keen to detail. When it comes to content its not only relative to the key persona, but polished to appeal to the mass audience.
Ryan Maxey
Account Executive
Ryan has his masters and is keen to detail. When it comes to content its not only relative to the key persona, but polished to appeal to the mass audience.
Bobby Biskets
Accounting Clerk
Bobby has worked with a communications company doing their books for over 3 years.his love for numbers shows in our customers continued success.

Why Choose Adiken

Video is the most important part of marketing today. How are you going to reach your potential customers? To engage your demographic video is crucial to your business. We can film in a studio as well as live on set. Our team can edit and produce a video that will set you apart from your competition.

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